Cool down the city!

juliol 8, 2020

During the summer, all citizens have the opportunity to mark on the interactive map places in the city where they are most affected by the heat. Is there a lack of a public fountain or shade? How could the effects of heat be mitigated? Citizens can mark both good and bad examples of adaptation to climate change that they face every day in Belgrade – this is an opportunity for some of the challenges to be constructively solved. This way, citizens who create their accounts on the interactive map become part of a huge research network, contribute to science and become scientific researchers themselves.

Ida Prester, famous musician, also supported this action participating in a promotional video directed by Miloš Tomić. The action is joined by numerous experts – climatologists, energy experts, architects, geologists, ornithologists…. they, from the point of view of their professions, warn of the need for all of us to change our attitude towards the environment and become aware of our role in slowing down climate change on the planet. According to experts, substantial changes can be achieved only if everyone is involved in the climate action: citizens, associations, scientists, but also decision makers on relevant political positions.

Through this action and the project TeRRIFFICA we convey the message that preserved and functional ecosystems and a healthy environment define our future, and that today, more than ever, the world must stand out and unite in order to heal the planet. The concept of Citizen Science is an important framework through which we can influence the events in our environment.

Explore more about mapping climate challenges in Belgrade during summer months:



Get to know more about the TeRRIFICA pilot region in Belgrade (Serbia) here.



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