GitHub Repository: An Open Source Crowdmapping Tool to gather spatial data and insight from the public

agost 8, 2022

The TeRRIFICA project has been collecting data with the help of the citizenship through the Crowdmapping tool. This technology is built to collect experiences and opinions to showcase where climate change comes alive. Using this map, anyone can report positive and negative signs related to temperature, water, wind, air and soil quality and climate emergency management. The data is centrally collated, and hotspots identified, with the ambition of using the evidence to drive policy change.

This Crowdmapping tool has been developed as Open Source. This means that the technology behind it is made available to anyone who might wish to use it as a template for other mapping projects. This web mapping framework can be used to gather spatial data and insight from the public.

All the information needed to replicate our experience with this tool can be found on Github.

What is included on the Github repository?

It consists only of the mapping tool itself. The result page will be added in the future but this is a much simpler task, requiring only plain Leflet library.

The main file is map.php.

Framework is based on using WFS-T service that is utilized to put user input into PostGIS database, To streamline this we use excellent Leaflet-WFST library by Flexberry. The template includes 10 predefined layers in 5 categories. Every layer has its own modal template for data input with a predefinded list for user input as well as a space for open answers. Every layer is user editable (user authentication is not provided but PHP Delight library is recomended). This is most probably a more complicated scenario that you will need for your project but you can add or delete layers at will.

You can use it as a template for your own mapping project. It is prepared for internalization making use if i18n libraries both server and client side. Both are needed to translate all editing tools.



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