Action Plan: Climate Tours in the Oldenburger Muensterland Pilot Region

juliol 26, 2022

So far, the TeRRIFICA team has offered eight local climate tours by bike or on foot in the Oldenburger Münsterland in order to create an opportunity for exchange and to collect experiences and observations from the local population on the effects of climate change to date.

In addition to many interested residents, various local actors took part in the tours, including members of local history associations, farmers and foresters, employees of the city administrations (climate protection, building authorities, mayors) and people from critical infrastructure facilities (e.g. the fire brigade). At the appropriate locations, the participants talked about extreme weather events such as flooding, dried-up water, damaged forest and street trees, but also about surfaces that were heating up and sealed or the lack of shade. At the same time, however, examples and suggestions for measures to adapt to climate change were repeatedly shown, e.g. the advantages of green roofs, how a cistern-trench system for rainwater storage and infiltration works, the special features of sustainable building and living or the design of a climate-adapted garden were shown right on-site. The climate tours also always offered the space to discuss new ideas for adapting to the consequences of climate change and, for example, to point out very practical aspects, such as the existing funding programs of the municipalities for the installation of green roofs and cisterns.

There will also be further climate tours of this kind in the Oldenburger Münsterland beyond the duration of the TeRRIFICA project. The new project “Bürger-Klimapark Lohne”, which had been co-developed by the TeRRIFICA team, would also like to take up this special format for encounters and information transfer. For this reason, a first climate tour by bike on the subject of water took place on October 6th, in order to show and discuss the latest projects for climate adaptation by the city of Lohne and the drinking water association OOWV.

Dates of the tours and walks:

17 September 2021 in Cloppenburg (on foot)
30 September 2021 in Lohne (on foot)
09 October 2021 in Goldenstedt (by bike)
02 April 2022 in Holdorf (by bike)
27 April 2022 in Lindern (on foot)
07 May 2022 in Holdorf (by bike)
08 May 2022 in Cloppenburg (on foot)
22 June 2022 in Vechta (by bike)



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