Regional Kick-Off event to engage with local stakeholders

març 29, 2019

What is TeRRIFICA and what is going to happen within this project? How can we, as persons locally affected by climate change, take part in this project?

The 25 stakeholders attending our regional TeRRIFICA Kick-Off Brunch on March 2019 had many questions – the event was organized by the University of Vechta TeRRIFICA-team to provide answers but also to get to know each other and to learn more about the concerns of the regional actors. Thus, intense discussion rounds already revealed interesting topics and fields from the German pilot region for the future work in the TeRRIFICA project. Additionally, important aspects for a successful way of collaboration and working together were discussed and agreed on. This Kick-Off Brunch was a fruitful starting point for the future joint work in the pilot region Oldenburger Muensterland.

Get to know more about the Oldenburger Muensterland pilot region here.



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