Inter-professions meeting in Normandy: hedgerows in 2050

octubre 8, 2019

The 16th and 17th of September, associations, local and national policy-makers, researchers and trainers, farmers and wood sellers amongst others… gathered in University of Caen because they all share one goal: preserving and re-planting hedgerows as a critical landscape element in favour of agro-ecology, farm resilience, climate mitigation and adaptation.

The TeRRIFICA pilot region in Brittany, Normandy and Pays de la Loire is focused on fostering co-creation in a participatory research project called RESP’HAIES – Resilience and performance of farms related to hedgerows. The co-creation team organized its first consultation workshop with multiple stakeholders who are not regularly involved in the project but have various knowledge and opinions on hedgerows. The workshop was in the format of a scenario-workshop in order to collectively reflect on the long-term perspective: what is the ideal scenario for hedgerows in 2050 and how to achieve this utopian vision?

Thanks to the co-creative methodology, participants felt confortable to speak freely forgetting about their official and formal status. New ideas emerged from the discussions, including the need for developing spaces for co-management and co-decision-making on hedgerows, as they are both a common and private good.

As a first follow-up, the co-creation team consulted on the same question teachers and trainers in agriculture secondary schools the 5th and 6th November in La Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet. The co-creation team will continue gathering local actors working on hedgerows with diverse perspectives all along the TeRRIFICA project.

Get to know more about the TeRRIFICA pilot region in Brittany, Normandy and Pays de la Loire (France) here.



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