More climate protection and climate adaptation at the largest fair in the region – (How) is that possible?

agost 16, 2022

For almost a week, the TeRRIFICA team from the University of Vechta presented an opportunity to participate in the alcohol-free tent at the largest folk festival in the region on the question “Climate-conscious stubble market. How do we do that?”. Ideas were collected for more climate protection and possible measures to adapt to the consequences of climate change, which could turn the stubble market into a climate-conscious event in the future.

Market visitors who took part in the TeRRIFICA campaign wanted – perhaps also influenced by the high temperatures – measures that ensure cooling and sun protection. But also large amounts of rubbish during the traditional parade, cigarettes carelessly thrown away, the high energy consumption of the fairground rides and tents, as well as the arrival and departure of around 800,000 visitors a year from near and far were mentioned as possible starting points for changes. Suggestions for climate adaptation included, for example, sunscreen dispensers at the entrances and free tap water. In the area of climate protection, the idea of generating electricity directly on the site from wind and solar power came up. The collected ideas are to be handed over to the market management for future planning.

Date: August 12-16, 2022
Location: Stoppelmarkt, Vechta



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