Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) at an Institutional Level

desembre 12, 2022

The Co-Change project has released a new animated video about RRI!

“In research guided by responsible research and innovation (RRI), members of society work with scientists to align both the entire research process and its results with societal needs. The researcher and the research institute or research funder turn openly to citizens and involve the relevant societal actors in formulating research questions and collecting and analysing data. In RRI-guided research, scientists never forget to ask themselves: will our research do good to society and the Earth? What will its long-term social, ethical, and ecological consequences be?

If a researcher or research-performing organisation integrates responsibility into their work, they will feel more useful and impactful in their profession, all in order to improve the lives of their fellow human and non-human beings. For this reason, it is important for researchers to reflect on their own organisational operations and change their daily routines.

This is exactly what the Co-Change Project started to experiment with. In order to raise awareness of RRI, the project initiated ongoing deliberation within and beyond its own organisations through discussing ethics, gender, and open-science-related topics that engage all units that deal with research and innovation, as well as involving external experts and stakeholders in co-creating change.”



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