2nd regional TeRRIFICA event: Collecting and discussing ideas for a joint climate culture change

octubre 30, 2019

The global climate strike end of September was again a reminder – it is more than urgent to become active regarding the challenges related to climate change! However, this is easier said than done: What can the regional actors actually do? And on what level should new actions and strategies be developed?

At the end of October, the TeRRIFICA-team of the University of Vechta organised the second regional event to discuss these questions. The event served as an exchange and discussion platform for 20 local stakeholders from politics and administration, industry and associations, education and academia, and civil society organisations.

With great interest, the participants followed the presentation of the newly developed Crowdmapping Tool and started discussing the different ways of using the tool especially for the German pilot region.

The focus of the event was to collect and discuss ideas on how to approach the challenge of a climate culture change in the Oldenburger Muensterland. With initiating a climate culture change, we specifically want to work with the attitudes and perspectives of the local people and to generate stimuli for (more) open-minded thinking processes. For the future work in the pilot region, specific topics were identified which will now be further developed in smaller groups and which should finally lead to concrete actions in the German pilot region.

Get to know more about the Oldenburger Muensterland pilot region here.



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