Center for the Promotion of Science

The Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN) in Serbia is a public institution established in 2010 with the task to promote science and technology. The Center, according to its mandate, cooperates with research and educational institutions (universities, research centers and schools) in Serbia and worldwide. The CPN’s mission is to bridge the gap between science and society by bringing together researchers, educators, artists, policy makers, civil society organizations, business and industry and the general public in the process of research and innovation. The ultimate aim is to influence and adapt the general research agendas to reflect the needs of the society and to address societal challenges engaging all actors involved in the process. CPN was involved in 31 European collaborations since 2012, while it is currently part of seven H2020, one Creative Europe and four Erasmus+ projects, and two additional COST actions.

Marjana Brkic

Marjana Brkic works as an expert associate at the Department of International Cooperation at the Center for the Promotion of Science. She is managing at the local level TeRRIFICA and Scientix, both H2020 projects. Marjana holds MSc in Biology and MSc in Management and Organisation from the University of Belgrade. She is a PhD candidate in the field of Neurobiology jointly supervised by University of Belgrade, Serbia and University of Ghent, Belgium.

Dobrivoje Lale Eric

Dobrivoje Lale Eric is leading International Cooperation Department at the CPN. He is managing at national level two EU projects – European ARTificial Intelligence Lab (Creative Europe) and RRING (H2020), aim to increase AI literacy and its understanding by general audience, and to emphasise a social relevance of the research and innovation process respectively. He was working as well on many projects and initiatives dealing with research policies, STE(A)M education and art & science practices, while recently his main focus is on climate issues and artificial intelligence. An Art Historian by formal education, he used to work for the Museum of Science and Technology and Mod’Art High School, both in Belgrade, and took diverse positions in architecture research, publishing, translation and advertising. Lale is in charge of the TeRRIFICA activities in six SEE countries involved in the project and coordinated by the CPN  Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro and Romania.

Marina Kostic

Marina Kostic works as an expert associate at the Department of International Cooperation at the Center for the Promotion of Science. She is in charge of financial management and administration on the EU project. She graduated with a Master degree in banking and financial management from Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.

Mirjana Utvic

Mirjana Utvic is an architect and urban explorer based in Belgrade, Serbia. She works at the department for the program activity at the Center for the promotion of science, being in charge for designing interactive content and setups. Her focus is on designing spaces and tools for interaction, with the intention to contribute to community empowerment and engagement by triggering spontaneity and creativity. She is one of the founders of City Guerilla – creative laboratory, and has conducted participatory research in the School of urban practices since 2012. She works as a Project Assistant on the TeRRIFICA project.

Damjan Jovanović

Graduated with a masters degree in Environmental Protection from the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. He works as a Project Assistant on the TeRRIFICA project in the Center for the Promotion of Science.