Societal Engagement Stories: The Road to Climate Action

novembre 2, 2022

After the TeRRIFICA project was selected to write and design a Societal Engagement Story, ‘The Road to Climate Action’ was published by the SocKETs (Societal engagement with Key Enabling Technologies) project. We are very pleased with this collaboration, which has enabled us to disseminate our project and results in the final stage.

SocKETs aims at developing a shared understanding of the role of key enabling technologies in society and advocating for the importance of societal engagement in the innovation process. To do so, SocKETs committed to highlighting other initiatives and experiences combining societal engagement and emerging technologies.

You can now read our Societal Engagement Story, ‘The Road to Climate Action’, on their website.

Here’s a little sneak peek of our story!

Heat, drought, torrential rain… Across Europe people are experiencing the effects of climate change, the defining challenge of our time. Mitigating and adapting to the ongoing or inevitable impacts require fundamental changes to societies and behaviours worldwide.

Urgent climate action has the broad support of people around the world and a multitude of possible actions are well known on an individual and political level. However, most citizens do not get involved in climate action until they are personally affected by the consequences of climate change.

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