TeRRIFICA presented at the International Geographical Union conference in Mexico

setembre 14, 2022

29 – 31 August 2022, the IGU Commission Geography of Governance conference ‘Local governance in a time of global emergencies’ was held in Mexico . During this event, the results of the TeRRIFICA project on cocreation around climate change adaptation and mitigation were presented in the form of a climate change adaptation plan for the Poznan agglomeration.

The experiences gained in the TeRRIFICA project in connection with the preparation of a climate change adaptation plan for the Poznań Metropolitan Area Association formed the basis of a paper presented at the conference of the Commission on Management Geography of the International Geographical Union in Mexico City. The process of preparing the adaptation plan included the use of workshops with citizens in the form of a world cafe, a crowdmapping tool (http://mapujklimat.terrifica.eu/) and natural data (flood areas, land cover, spectral data), as well as expert analysis of existing strategic documents and policies. The Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Poznań Metropolis was prepared by a team composed of Prof. Damian Łowicki (work coordinator), Prof. Paweł Churski, Prof. Andrzej Mizgajski, Prof. Katarzyna Fagiewicz, Dr Tomasz Herodowicz, Dr Piotr Lupa, Dr Kamil Jawgiel, Patryk Kaczmarek, Adam Perz.

The experience gathered was presented in a talk entitled ‘Co-creation for developing the local climate emergency responses – lessons from Poznań agglomeration in Poland’ in a panel on local governance responses to the climate crisis. The Poznan TeRRIFICA project team was represented by Professor Paweł Churski (project manager in Poland) and Patryk Kaczmarek.



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