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The Poznań Agglomeration

The Poznań Agglomeration

The Poznan agglomeration (the city of Poznań and its suburban area, consisting of 17 towns and communes) covers an area of 2,161.8 km² and is among the fastest growing and most urbanized areas in Poland, with close to one million inhabitants.

The region is one of the economically healthiest region in Poland with a low unemployment rate and provides very well developed academic functions.  The Poznan agglomeration has an exceptionally high intensity of the suburbanization process, bringing with it fast infrastructural changes, intensification of traffic, and increased mobility of the residents within the urbanizing area.

The Poznan agglomeration benefits of high natural resources, as 28% of the total area are legally protected and the Warta valley shapes the unique blue infrastructure of the region. Poznań and its suburban area has implemented a common development strategy and sectoral policies, including social problems, water and sewage management, waste management, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, flood protection and management of rainwater.


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