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Minsk is the capital of Belarus, is an independent administrative-territorial unit. It is the largest transport hub, political, economic, cultural and scientific centre of the country. It is the core of the Minsk agglomeration. Minsk is the 10th most populous city (excluding the suburbs) in Europe. The city is located close to the geographical centre of the country and stands on the Svisloch River. The area is 348.84 km², the population is 1,992,685 people (at the beginning of 2019), excluding the suburbs.

Minsk is located on the southeastern slope of the Minsk Highland, which has a moraine origin. The average height above sea level is 220 m.

The climate is temperate continental, with significant influence of the Atlantic sea air. The average annual rainfall is about 700 mm. Summer is warm, but not hot. The average daily temperature in July is + 18.5 ° C. Winters are mild, with frequent thaws, the average daily temperature in January is –4.5 ° C.

Minsk is the largest economic centre of Belarus. The total amount of tax revenues is about half of the total in the country. Minsk is the largest industrial city in the country. The city produces 18.8% of industrial products throughout the country. There are the largest assembly plants, enterprises of food and light industry, manufacturers of cosmetics, etc.

Minsk is a modern, dynamically developing city that forms more than ¼ of the gross domestic product of the Republic of Belarus. Industrial enterprises of Minsk are the leaders in the country in the production of refrigerators (100.0% in the republican output), internal combustion engines for cars (98.7%), woollen fabrics (100.0%), trucks (97.6% ), tractors (81.2%), buses (98.8%), trolley buses (100%) and others.

Minsk is the largest transport hub of Belarus. It is located at the intersection of transport corridors linking Russia with Poland and Ukraine with the Baltic states. The city accounts for about 30% of rail passenger traffic in the country, 20% of road freight transport for import and 40% for export.


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