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TeRRIFICA is led by WILA Bonn (Bonn, Germany) and the TeRRIFICA consortium is composed by the Rhine-Waal University (Kleve, Germany), the Education for Sustainable Development Association (Minsk, Belarus), the Center for the Promotion of Science (Belgrade, Serbia), the University of Vechta (Germany), the Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland), Sciences Citoyennes (Paris, France) and the Catalan Association of Public Universities (Barcelona, Spain).

With notice from August 2021, our consortium partner, the Belarusian NGO AESD, informed us that by the end of August 2021 their association will be liquidated by order of the state. Many of the main activities in Belarus have been performed. Ongoing activities like data collection and developing climate change adaption activities will be reorganised in Belarus. The local partners still have a strong commitment to work on the topic and content of TeRRIFICA. We will consider to invite a replacement partner from Belarus to join the project. A Minsk local gymnasium was involved in all TeRRIFICA activities from the very beginning and made highly valuable contributions to the outcomes of the project. As a public entity it would not fall under the restrictions as NGO partner. This new partner then would take over the remaining tasks. Having a new partner in Belarus who is experienced in engaging with societal partners on climate change issues would be a good way to support the Belarusian society in addressing urgent (global) concerns in these difficult times.