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RRI&ngage Final Conference Recording

The TeRRIFICA & RRI2SCALE Final Conference in Belgrade was streamed and recorded. Here you can watch again all the sessions, including the presentation of the main results of the TeRRIFICA project.

Climate Action at the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB)

This video was produced by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area administration (AMB) for the TeRRIFICA project. It explains the risks we are facing when it comes to the climate emergency and which climate action measures are being implemented in this Pilot Region by the administration.

Angry face of nature

Through the dialogue between Dr. Vladimir Đurđević, a climatologist, and Olga Radosavljević, a 2nd-grade elementary school student, we learn how cities, our environment, and ourselves pay the price for climate change. Who is guilty? What can we do? An expert in the field of current climate conditions and a user of our planet in the … Read more

Co-creation and Climate Challenges

The international project TeRRIFICA deals with reducing the harmful effects of climate change. Team approach to tackling climate change we defined as CO-CREATION. Experts, citizens, science promoters, decision makers… through this model of cooperation attain the best concepts, plans and solutions! Co-creation is a process in which ideas are shared and advanced.

Land in the city of Belgrade!

Climate action in the TeRRIFICA pilot region of Belgrade! Land can be pasture, habitat, feeding ground, home for animals, platform for creation and urban planning; it can be stable and unstable. For all of us, healthy land is a treasure.