TeRRIFICA Summer School in Poznan (Poland) “National Summer School Szkoła Letnia TeRRIFICA” #NaszKlimat2030

Online - Poland
Dates: May 6-7, 2021 and June 10, 2021
More information and registration link https://bit.ly/3eDPvyy
Download poster here
Hashtag: #OurClimateFuture2030

Within the national conference “Planner Days: Environment – Climate – Space” on 6-7 May 2021 organized by Academic Scientific Circle of Spatial Management (ASCSM) (pol. Akademickie Koło Naukowe Gospodarki Przestrzennej) and TeRRIFICA AMU Team. Within the TeRRIFICA pilot region in Poznan, this Summer School aims to foster:

  • Co-creating solutions for better adaptation to climate change within time horizon 2030
  • Knowledge, skills and experience exchange by creating tandems of students and experts

Summary and videos now available here!