Co-creation and climate action. Presentation of TeRRIFICA at the metropolitan area of Barcelona and launch of the local co-creation team!

19 июня, 2019

Under the title ‘Co-creation and climate action’, the presentation and work session of the TeRRIFICA project was held in Barcelona on June 5th at the headquarters of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB).

TeRRIFICA aims to promote the capacity for adaptation and mitigation to climate change, as well as to influence public policies in different European regions, specifically in Belarus, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia and Catalonia through research actions and Responsible innovation (RRI) and co-creation processes of knowledge with the participation of agents involved.

In the case of Catalonia, it has been chosen to work in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. This first meeting at the local level is the departure of the pilot who will carry out the project in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. To this end, a pilot coordination team was created by María Induráin, Deputy Director of the Environment of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Quim Brugué Professor of Political Science at the University of Girona, and the secretary of the » ACUP.

In this first meeting, around 20 representatives of civil society, the private sector, universities and research centers as well as the public administration participated, with which a participation dynamics were carried out by such as to identify priorities.

How will it affect us and how will we respond to the challenges that will lead to an increase in temperatures over the next few years? What climatic challenges will need to be addressed in the coming years as a significant society from the metropolitan territory? These and other questions were addressed during the meeting of the project, which is based on participatory methodologies and co-creation of knowledge.

During the three and a half years of the project, roadmaps and indicators of key performance will be developed for the implementation of the methodologies developed and the adaptation and mitigation activities for climate change.

Among the next steps of the project, highlights the development of a Crowdmapping open to all citizens and that will provide key information for mitigation and adaptation to climate change at the local level.



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