Set up of the TeRRIFICA Helpdesk! Co-creation and Stakeholder Involvement

17 октября, 2019

Set up of the TeRRIFICA Helpdesk! Co-creation and Stakeholder Involvement

The TeRRIFICA project has launched its Helpdesk with the aim of fostering stakeholders’ involvement and implementing co-creation processes. Led by the Sciences Citoyennes association, the first meeting of the TeRRIFICA Helpdesk gathered 3 experts on co-creation and TeRRIFICA pilot regions’ teams online on the 2nd October 2019. The Helpdesk will meet online every three months in order to advise pilot leaders and facilitators and bring a critical and bigger perspective to the developments of the six pilot regions of TeRRIFICA across Europe.

The TeRRIFICA Helpdesk is a transnational structure, composed by the leaders and facilitators of the pilot regions of the project, the Members of the Advisory and Valorisation Board and by external experts interested in climate change mitigation or adaptation, or specialized in co-creation processes. National or regional experts in research and innovation, environmental protection, civic engagement policies, social innovators or community movement leaders are also welcome to join the TeRRIFICA Helpdesk.

A warm welcome to the first experts joining the launch of the TeRRIFICA Helpdesk!

  • Laurent Fraisse, socio-economist at the LISE (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Sociologie Economique), specialized in social innovation, social solidarity economy, co-construction of public policy.
  • Sylvie Blangy, researcher at the CEFE (Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive) at the CNRS (French national research centre), and director of the GDR PARCS (Participatory Action Research and Citizen Science).
  • Ewa Bednorz, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.
  • Natasa Djokic, Dvoper doo, Currently member of team that realize “Third National Communication for the Republic of Serbia to the UNFCCC “

Next meetings of TeRRIFICA Helpdesk will be organise in winter/spring 2020 in order to ensure a feedback loop process with pilot regions’ co-creation activities.

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