Launch of the TeRRIFICA Stakeholder Mapping Report

17 апреля, 2020

With our network partners in six regions of Europe, the TeRRIFICA project has published the TeRRIFICA Stakeholder Mapping Report.

TeRRIFICA – standing for Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Fostering Innovative Climate Action – is a European project aiming at developing innovative climate action through stakeholder engagement and co-creation.Climate change is a raising issue in the agenda, at the global, national and local scales. On the one hand, many actors are (getting) interested in taking actions to tackle climate change, and on the other hand, mitigating climate change requires actions from all stakeholders – especially policy-makers and industries – whilst climate effects is or will affect all of us.

TeRRIFICA pilot regions’ co-creation teams have the mission to gather stakeholders in order to co-create innovative climate actions. This mission raises the following questions: Who to invite to participate in? Who are the key actors that have the power to influence climate actions locally? Who are the important stakeholders who might be or not in favour of achieving innovative and impactful co-created climate actions? What are the barriers, needs and drivers for engaging these stakeholders? The process of mapping stakeholders has the goal of answering these questions and helping pilot regions’ co-creation teams to identify the key actors in their region, their relationships, and their drivers and obstacles in order to better involve stakeholders and foster local co-creation. 

«Stakeholder mapping is understood as a process identifying key stakeholders to engage with, across the full stakeholder spectrum, and determining the basis for engagement strategies,in the particular sector of climate action»

All TeRRIFICA outcomes can be found here.



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