Exchange session on metropolitan and municipal experiences on climate action

14 ноября, 2022

On the 8th of November, the TeRRIFICA regional team of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona organised a seminar on climate change action together with the Barcelona Metropolitan Area administration (AMB) at the AMB headquarters. The event focused on working with the technicians of the city councils of the metropolitan area on different problems generated by climate change. It was structured in two parts, the first focused on information and knowledge of success stories from other territories. The second, eminently practical, took the form of a face-to-face workshop with a dynamic exchange of municipal experiences.

The session began by contextualising climate action, the declaration of climate emergency and the Environmental Sustainability Plan of the AMB, and then went on to activate the audience with inspirational content on current international climate issues. The experiences IHOBE of the Basque Government, Go Green Pamplona of the Pamplona City Council and Bosque Metropolitano of the Madrid City Council were presented, followed by a debate with the audience.

The workshop began with an explanation of the dynamics of the exchange of municipal experiences and the four themes to be worked on (health, natural systems, water, and infrastructures). An online tool was used (Klaxoon’s board) that allowed the work to be extended in the days following the event in order to satisfactorily complete all the aspects that could not be covered in the time frame of the session due to time constraints.t

A report was made of the whole event and the work on the board in the following days to record everything that was discussed and to be shared with the community for climate action.



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