II Regional Consultation Workshop with Stakeholders from the Poznań Agglomeration

The Project Team of Adam Mickiewicz University organized another consultation meeting as part of the TeRRIFICA project — Territorial RRI Fostering Innovative Climate Action.
The workshop was attended by representatives of the ZaZieleń Poznań Coalition and the Kolektyw Kąpielisko Association, the Association of the Center for the Promotion of Sustainable Development, the Ecological Puszczykowo Association, the Poznań Metropolis Association, the Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region, the Poznań City Hall, the Adam Mickiewicz University’s Academic Scientific Circle of Spatial Management and the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań.

The topic of the online workshop was the use of an innovative tool for mapping the effects of climate change in the Poznań Agglomeration and the other five pilot regions in Europe (more information at mapujklimat.terrifica.eu) and how to promote this tool among residents – the potential mappers. During the meeting, the organizers discussed the functionality of the «Map Climate» tool developed in the form of a geo questionnaire based on the so-called crowd-mapping — a participatory approach based on collecting information generated by the society (crowd) in order to solve a given problem or a challenge.

The participants provided a number of solutions for better promoting the tool and motivating the inhabitants of our region to take part in mapping action. Other organizations and institutions as well as information channels were also identified through which project activities can be disseminated in the Poznań Agglomeration. On the basis of the recommendations co-created by stakeholders, three films were prepared that discusses the problem of climate change as one of the most serious challenges for humanity and at the same time encourages people to join the action of mapping the effects of climate change under the TeRRIFICA project:

Zmiany klimatu wokół nas. Teoria, praktyka, TeRRIFICA (eng. Climate change around us. Theory, practice, TeRRIFICA): https://youtu.be/qFX_YArY9QQ
Siła tłumu, czyli jak mapować klimat w projekcie TeRRIFICA (eng. The power of citizens, or how to map the climate in the TeRRIFICA project): https://youtu.be/3CzA9p6pRt8
Mapuj Klimat Challenge! Razem dla klimatu w Aglomeracji Poznańskiej! (eng. Map Climate Challenge! Together for the climate in the Poznań Agglomeration!): https://youtu.be/8zUixNoHWgQ

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