Education for climate: Let’s play green with high school students!

20 декабря, 2022

On December 19, 2022, the «Let’s play green» workshop was held at the Faculty of Human Geography and Planning of the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU), prepared by the AMU Team of TeRRIFCA, represented by Professor Katarzyna Fagiewicz and Doctor Piotr Lupa. The meeting was attended by 25 students from Karol Marcinkowski Secondary School No. 1 in Poznań. This was the second of the planned series of meetings with young people as part of the Living Laboratory «Education for the climate.» The first Q&A meeting — the «Climate Hour» — took place in November and was led by Professor Andrzej Mizgajski.

The first part of the meeting was in the form of a seminar, during which the University speakers familiarized the youth with the subject of current environmental challenges of cities in an accessible way. They paid particular attention to the issues of the effects of climate change and their negative impact on various aspects of life in the city, in the example of Poznań. Threats related to increasingly frequent and longer-lasting heat waves, droughts, and, on the other hand, the increasing frequency of torrential rains causing particularly dangerous flash floods was discussed. Speakers referred to the diagnosis part of the Plan of adaptation to climate change of the Poznań Metropolis.

In the next part of the workshop, it didn’t take long to convince the students that the correct answer to the challenges discussed was playing green… more specifically, playing green infrastructure and nature-based solutions. Using the results of the TeRRIFICA and CONNECTING Nature projects, the speakers presented and described the most important benefits of developing green solutions, showing specific implementations in Poznań and other cities in Poland. This part of the meeting was also an introduction to the more active part of the workshop, during which the students impersonated planners and landscape architects. Their task was to revise the plot development on which their school is located. For this purpose, they used a catalog of nature-based solutions and the urban greening factor for evaluation. As a result, the students prepared eight designs for the development of the school plot, taking into account such innovative solutions as rain gardens, green roofs and walls, flower meadows, and modern permeable surfaces.

The Living Laboratory «Education for Climate» is an initiative of the TeRRIFICA team, which is to be a continuation of selected project activities. On the part of the Faculty, the program is coordinated by Dr. Joanna Morawska, and on the part of the Secondary School, Karolina Herodowicz Ph.D. student and geography teacher. In the spring of 2023, another meeting in the series will be held on using Geographic Information Systems and modern digital social participation techniques (e.g., crowdmapping) to stimulate the development of citizen science in climate action.



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