A video campaign to engage the citizenship: Cool down the city!

14 июля, 2022

Miloš Tomić, a director from Belgrade, Serbia, created a series of short video clips on climate changes in the city staring many public figures, experts and citizens as a part of the Cool down the city campaign for citizens engagement.

The Cool down the city campaign was created with the idea of approaching citizens, inspiring them to engage in crowd mapping tool, and to map the positive and negative climate challenges in the Belgrade pilot region. Besides citizens, the project TeRRIFICA also inspired various associates to think, observe and create valuable and exciting content regarding climate change in the city of Belgrade. One of those contents was series of short video clips directed by famous Serbian director Miloš Tomić, known for his street video actions and capturing the everyday life of people in Belgrade.

The series started as an introduction of the Cool down the city campaign, TeRRIFICA project and the crowd mapping toll in order to attract and activate as much citizens as possible. The inputs by citizens were so valuable that we extended the series. Some specific and very challenging locations mapped by citizens served as an inspiration for the new videos for each of the categories. The creativity of the director came to its full potential when citizens perspective was jointly presented and elaborated on the specific topic from the expert’s point of view.

How it all started? During the last two summer seasons we visited all 17 Belgrade municipalities. The  citizens of Belgrade had the opportunity to mark places in the city where they are most affected by the heat or any other climate challenge on the interactive map (http://belgrade.terrifica.eu/). Is there a lack of a public fountain or shade? How could the effects of heat be mitigated? Citizens were asked to mark good and bad examples of adaptation to climate change that they face daily in Belgrade. This way, citizens who created their accounts on the interactive map became part of huge research network, contributed to science and became scientific researchers themselves.

Some public figures, experts and decision-makers were also involved in these actions. They supported the participation of citizens and their active engagement in the matters that influence their wellbeing. This action included numerous experts — climatologists, energy experts, architects, geologists, ornithologists… from their point of view. They all stressed the importance that we all need to change our attitude towards the environment and become more aware of our role in slowing down climate change on the planet.

According to experts, substantial changes can be achieved only if everyone is involved in the climate action: citizens, researchers, civil society, NGOs but also decision-makers and policy makers in relevant positions. The concept of Citizen Science, an important framework through which we try to influence the events in our environment, has been especially emphasized in these video clips.

All video clips can be found on this list: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt4tYBLXE3yEe7ykCCGnOnt98gq0Bmvtv



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