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Oldenburger Muensterland

Oldenburger Muensterland

The German pilot region “Oldenburger Muensterland” consists of the two counties Cloppenburg and Vechta and is located in the north-west of Germany, in the federal state Lower-Saxony. In contrast to many other rural areas in Germany, the Oldenburger Muensterland still records a population increase. From an economic point of view the agriculture and food sector plays a major role in the region with well-connected production, distribution and processing centres.

Almost 70% of the whole pilot region area are dedicated as agricultural area. The Oldenburger Muensterland has the highest concentration of processors of intensive animal farming in Germany. Hence, a particular focus in this pilot region is set on the meat production value chain (pork and poultry) with all related climatic challenges.


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