The Barcelona Metropolitan Area Pilot Region National Dissemination Event

septembre 21, 2022

A National Dissemination Event was organised on 19th of September in collaboration with the Erasmus+ Savingscapes project, looking for synergies between the two projects. The main objective of the Savingscapes project is to increase landscape awareness and collaborative governance of cultural and natural landscapes through innovative learning interventions in higher education. The consortium partners specifically address the question of how actors and stakeholders can collaborate in the governance of a landscape.

Savingscapes invited the TeRRIFICA pilot region to the event « Collaborative territorial adaptation to climate change » as part of its project’s summer school. Due to the focus of this event, with the participation of several municipalities of the Girona area, its Provincial Council, political representatives of these entities, the « Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya » (advisory body of the Catalan public administration) and experts of the sector, this event represented an ideal occasion to include in it a national event for the dissemination of TeRRIFICA.

Beyond the mere general dissemination of the results, there was an opportunity to promote the results of TeRRIFICA locally and to make available to the municipal technicians the crowdmapping tools of the project and the methodologies used as part of our exploitation and sustainability model. During the seminar there was an opportunity to discuss with the political decision-makers present how to work with the TeRRIFICA tools and the results of the project to support their public policies on action against climate change in the Girona area.



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