TeRRIFICA Final Conference: Strong collaborations for the advancement of RRI

décembre 7, 2022

Belgrade, 23rd Nov. 2022 || Brussels, 2nd December 2022
The RRI&ngage cluster celebrates two events under the slogan « Embedding RRI for smart and climate resilient European regions »

The TeRRIFICA project emerged to influence climate change policies and actions by fostering Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in 6 European regions. TeRRIFICA aimed at contributing to reducing the harmful effects of climate change through engaging a diverse number of stakeholders, from scientific experts to citizens and decision makers, into climate mitigation and adaptation processes. During the course of the project, the TeRRIFICA partners, with the coordination of Wila Bonn, achieved greater results than what was first expected, despite the difficulties encountered with the rise of a world-wide pandemic.

In order to display all the knowledge gathered and the successful results achieved, and with the idea of boosting the dissemination of our objectives, we came together with another successful H2020 project to celebrate our Final Conference together. This is how, together with the RRI2SCALE consortium, we created the RRI&ngage cluster and celebrated two events.

On the 23rd of November 2023, we came together in the Yugoslav Film Archive (Belgrade, Serbia), for a big dissemination event that gathered 150 attendees, between those joining in-person and online. The event was hosted by the TeRRIFICA partners from the Center for the Promotion of Science in Serbia (CPN) and was organized in the framework of the Open Science Communication Conference 2022.

A week later, on the 2nd of December, we gathered again, this time at the Executive Agency for Research (REA) headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, to further disseminate the importance of RRI and the results achieved by both projects. This time, the focus of the message was put on making an impact at the policy level by sharing recommendations and learnings from TeRRIFICA and RRI2SCALE.

With this collaboration, the TeRRIFICA project comes to its end, with the feeling of achievement, but also that of thankfulness for having been able to share these past few years all together with the different partners and external stakeholders who have greatly contributed with their knowledge, participation, and commitment to the promotion of RRI and to climate action.


Watch the summary video of the Final Conference in Belgrade!

You can also watch the recording of the Final Conference on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPyNZNYDWD0

Find here the promotional video of the Final Conference by Horizon Results Booster: https://youtu.be/8GX22g7nk94



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