publishes « Success story: TeRRIFICA – innovative climate action through territorial RRI »

mars 1, 2021

The latest success story is an interview with Norbert Steinhaus, the coordinator of the TeRRIFICA project, which aims to raise awareness of Responsible Research and Innovation and to convey that responsibility means finding solutions together when it comes to climate issues.

In an interview with Norbert Steinhaus, learned about the valuable work done by the dedicated consortium of TeRRIFICA. One of their key messages is that the involvement of all parts of society is needed to develop R&I action plans in climate action that meet the needs, values and expectations of society. network project
Cooperation and activities for all SwafS NCPs
The project is a network of NCPs for the Science with and for Society programme of Horizon 2020. The project is managed by 16 beneficiaries and is targeted to all nationally nominated SwafS NCPs. The project focuses on cooperation and networking, best practice sharing and NCP training for the Science with and for Society programme.

Download the TeRRIFICA success story here.



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