RRI2SCALE and TeRRIFICA projects: Joint Final Policy Conference

RRI2SCALE and TeRRIFICA projects: Joint Final Policy Conference

02 décembre
European Research Executive Agency, Covent Garden, 1049 Brussels, Belgium décembre 2, 2022 10:00 am

Regional policy-makers are often called to find a balance between innovation and growth policies and choices that prioritise inclusiveness, sustainability and citizens’ quality of life. These two aspects shall coexist in order to build a desirable and sustainable future. The RRI2SCALE and TERRIFICA projects have experimented in this direction, fostering the integration of Responsible Research and Innovation practices and principles within regional research and innovation strategies, including climate adaptation, and engagement activities.

In this event the projects intend engaging with policy stakeholders at the EU level to share their experiences, findings and lessons learnt, and to reflect on which high level governance actions are promising to strengthen Responsible Research and Innovation in regional procedures, plans and strategies.

This is a closed-door event, registration works upon invitation.

This event is the second part of our Final Conference. The first part was held in Belgrade (Serbia) on the 23rd of November 2022. Recording of the event can be found on YouTube.

Find out more about our sister project RRI2SCALE on their website.