Climate action right at your own front door – Launch of a competition looking for climate friendly gardens

août 1, 2020

The TeRRIFICA partner University of Vechta launches a competition for climate friendly gardens.

Over the summer months, all garden owners in the Oldenburger Muensterland (Germany) were asked to participate in the competition “Climate-friendly gardens”.

The competition is the starting point of a series of actions and is based on the idea of identifying existing good-practice examples in local private gardens. The garden owners of these outstanding examples can then support us – together with further educational material – to motivate and empower more people to take action and reshape their gardens towards an enriched biodiversity, being near-natural and insect-friendliness. Using a personal topic such as one’s own garden as a door opener gives us the chance to further engage with these people and may lead to the empowerment of local climate culture change agents. This combination of capacity building and hands-on activity regarding a topic right at the front door of the citizens may support successful climate action with a variety of stakeholders.



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