TeRRIFICA represented on GAP Seminar – Scientific Seminar of Faculty of Public Economy and Administration in Cracow (17-19 January, 2020)

Februar 15, 2020

On January 17-19, 2020, the 50th GAP Seminar was organized in City of Zakopane by the Faculty of Public Economy and Administration at the Cracow University of Economics.  The TeRRIFICA Project Team was represented by prof. Paweł Churski (AMU).

In the Discussion Panel: Climate crisis and economics: how much is the future worth? participated i.e. former President of the European Parliament, Polish MEP professor Jerzy Buzek. The discussion highlighted contemporary challenges arising from climate change. On the one hand, the need to intensify actions at the political level of the European Union and each Member State was emphasized, and on the other hand, to increase the involvement and awareness of citizens. In this context, the TeRRIFICA project was a very good example of actions involving society in limiting and adapting to climate change.

Over 150 researchers and students took part in the 50th GAP Seminar. Everyone received promotional materials about the TeRRIFICA project and had the opportunity to listen about the assumptions and implementation of the project.

Get to know more about the TeRRIFICA pilot region in Poznań (Poland) here.



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