Experiences and conclusions from the TeRRIFICA project presented in Łódź at the POLREG 2022 conference

Oktober 27, 2022

Experiences and conclusions from the TeRRIFICA project were presented at the 2nd Polish Conference on Urban and Regional Research, held on 23-25 October 2022. The TeRRIFICA project and references to it were presented in three speeches.

The meeting in Łódź at the POLREG conference was an opportunity to exchange experiences on territory and the territorialisation of development policy. In the plenary session, Prof. Paweł Churski presented a speech on Social participation in diagnosing and planning territorial development, in which he shared his experience of using a crowdmapping tool (climatemapping.terrifica.eu) in the preparation of a climate change adaptation plan for the Association of the Metropolis of Poznań. In the session Territorial approaches to tackling climate change, two speeches were presented. The first one was a presentation by a team composed of Prof. Paweł Churski, Prof. Katarzyna Fagiewicz, M.Sc. Patryk Kaczmarek; entitled TeRRIFICA – social innovations in regional policy actions aimed at adaptation and mitigation of climate change. The presentation showed the experience of involving citizens in the creation of solutions using crowdmapping tools and ‚living lab‘ meetings, which can help to counteract and adapt climate change and can be elements of climate policies. The second presentation was a paper by Professor Damian Łowicki entitled Climate change adaptation planning at supra-local level – examples from Wielkopolska. Professor Damian Łowicki presented his experience in developing two climate change adaptation plans (from  Poznań agglomeration and for Kalisz-Ostrów agglomeration) emphasising also the use of tools and experiences from the TeRRIFICA project in the whole process.



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