New publication „Eine interaktive Beteiligungskarte für innovatives Klimahandeln in Europa“

November 18, 2021

Authors: Norbert Steinhaus, Hannah Hoff M.Sc., Pawel Churski, Charlotte Coquard & Axel Pfleger


Heat, drought, heavy rain—many people in Europe are already feeling the effects of climate change. Scientific studies and forecasts show which concrete climate change consequences can be expected in Europe in the coming years. Despite intensive climate protection, certain consequences will no longer be averted. It is important to focus on the topic of climate change adaptation now. This is where the TeRRIFICA project, funded by the EU in the Horizon 2020 program, comes in: With the help of an interactive participation map, the crowd mapping tool, citizens are involved in the collection of relevant data and can participate in further co-creative processes of climate change adaptation. The marks on the interactive map are experiences and observations regarding consequences of climate change and serve as a basis for developing tailor-made adaptation measures and further action plans at a local level. Building on this, the marks also form the basis for Europe-wide recommendations a9nd thus contribute directly to increased innovative climate action at a European level.

The article „Eine interaktive Beteiligungskarte für innovatives Klimahandeln in Europa“, written by the TeRRIFICA partners Wila Bonn, University of Vechta, Sciences Citoyennes, Adam Mickiewicz University and Qualia Analytics, has been published online in Standort. As part of the Springer Nature Content Sharing Initiative, the article can be publicly shared full-text access to a view-only version by using the following link:




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