Action Plan: the Creation of a Multi-Stakeholder Network in the Normandy Pilot Region

November 2, 2022

Within the framework of TeRRIFICA project, co-creation activities conducted in the French region of Normandy have focused on agricultural education issues and climate change mitigation. These activities allowed Sciences Citoyennes, the leading partner in the region, to bring together a diversity of local stakeholders: teachers from agricultural high schools, farmers, researchers and representatives of various institutions (ministry, regional chambers of agriculture). The creation of this network is one of the most important results in the Pilot Region and it has, therefore, motivated the possibility of developing a demonstrator which, in the future can encourage other regions to engage in similar approaches.

At the end of the project, the issue at stake is, therefore, the consolidation of the Norman multi-stakeholder network beyond the duration of the TeRRIFICA project. With this in mind, the TeRRIFICA project allows network members to identify the conditions for the perpetuation and formalization of their collaborative process. Thus, this new network has started to draw a framework document to define the boundaries of the ongoing process based on three pilars: agricultural education, participatory research and climate change, with a particular focus on agroecology and agroforestery issues.

The objectives envisaged for this new Norman network are:

  1. To make climate change mitigation actions on the territory more effective through the co-production and mobilization of relevant knowledge. This can be achieved with participatory research practices with researchers, teachers and other relevant actors on the regional territory.
  2. To support initiatives that will strengthen the place of climate issues and the interest on agroecology within agricultural education.



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