Climate action in the territory. Building shared responses for shared problems. 2nd meeting of the co-creation team at the metropolitan territory of Barcelona

October 17, 2019

Under the title ‘Co-creation and climate action’, the second meeting of the co-creation team of the European Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Fostering Climate Action (TERRIFICA) project was held in Barcelona on October 7 at the Fàbrica del Sol of Barcelona.

TeRRIFICA aims to promote the capacity for adaptation and mitigation to climate change, as well as to influence public policies in different European regions, specifically in Belarus, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia and Catalonia through research actions and Responsible innovation (RRI) and co-creation processes of knowledge with the participation of agents involved.

In the case of Catalonia, it was chosen to work in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. This second meeting at the local level has brought together the members of the pilot that is taking place in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. To this end, a pilot coordination team was created by Maria Indurain, Deputy Director of Environment at the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Quim Brugué, Professor of Political Science at the University of Girona, and the technical secretary of ACUP.

In this second meeting, around 15 representatives of civil society, the private sector, universities and research centers as well as public administration participated, with which they analyzed several real cases, obtaining ideas and learnings for the project.

During the presentation “Citizens, sustainability and climate in Barcelona“, Elena Forcada presented the work that, from the City Council of Barcelona, ​​is carried out with reference to citizen participation, sustainability and climate action. “We face complex problems and great uncertainties. We have no recipes, we need to share ideas, look for different solutions, enhance creative imagination,” she pointed out.

Esther Suárez, engineer at the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB), shared the initiative experienced in Badalona through the BINGO project, which has provided the managers of the integral water cycle with knowledge and solutions to the challenges derived from the change climatic Among others, through this project, the perception of the inhabitants, users and business owners affected by the floods and discharges to the sea has been known in the municipality of Badalona.

The Climcobaix experience closed the presentation session. José Luis Martínez, from RISC3 Climate Change Knowledge, shared this initiative which promotes local collective responses to the challenge of global warming from the social economy.

The session was facilitated by Quim Brugué, who fostered the last part of the day through the debate and a work dynamics on co-creation and climate change.

Among the next steps of the project, highlights the development of a Crowdmapping open to all citizens and that will provide key information for mitigation and adaptation to climate change at the local level.



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